1 2019-nCoV Health Event January, 30, 2020 
2 Decision Tool for 2019-nCoV ARD Health Event January 30, 2020 
3 Assessment of Patients in response to 2019-nCoV ARD Health Event   February 2, 2020
4 Providing for the reporting and information dissemination protocol in response to the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) health event  February 4, 2020
5 Strengthening of hospital infection prevention and control measures to prevent spread of Novel Coronavirus February 4, 2020
6 Directive to Attend to All Suspected nCoV Patients seeking Consultation/ Treatment at Hospitals February 4, 2020
7 Concerts, Public Events and other mass Gatherings February 7, 2020
8 Use of Masks February 8, 2020
9 Lifting of Travel Restriction to Taiwan  February 17, 2020
10 Non-Refusal of Level 2 and 3 Public and Private Hospitals to Patients Under Investigation (PUIs) for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) February 11, 2020
11 Reminders for Sending Specimensto the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Testing February 11, 2020 
  Revised Decision Tool for Assessment and Management of COVID-19 February 26, 2020
12 Interim Guidelines on the Management of Person Under Monitoring (PUMs) suspected with COVID 2019 for Home Quarantine February 27, 2020
13 Updated Guidelines for Management and Referral of Suspected and Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Under Code Red March 7, 2020
14 Clarification on Management and Referral of Close Contacts of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases March 7, 2020
15 Guidance on Gathering for the Public and Event Organizer March 11, 2020
16 Guidance for Institutions if a PUI or a Confirmed COVID-19 Case is Detected at the Workplace March 11, 2020
17 Guidance on the Conduct of Daily Prayer (Salah) for Filipinos with Islamic Faith March 12, 2020
18 Suggested Retail Price of N-88 Face Mask March 16, 2020
19 Prohibition of Hoarding of Drugs and Medicines, Profiteering, Illegal Combinatiton, Formation of Cartes, and All Other Acts Commited in Restraint of Trade in COVID-19 Response March 19, 2020
20 COVID-19 Laboratory Testing March 19, 2020