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(Clockwise from left) The National OPV Switch Day started with a motorcade and proceeded by a program attended by Rotary Club District Governor Jude Doctora, Dr. Ma. Sophia Pulmones, Dr. Renilyn Reyes, Dr. Ma. Carmela Gensoli and Dr. Ma. Paz Corrales who led the ceremonial vaccination. 

VARIOUS partners from government, non-governmental organizations and private sectors joined hands to express support to the National Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) Switch Day which formally launched the use of the Bivalent OPV as part of the routine immunization for infants.

The city government of Bacolod hosted the launching held on April 27. The Department of Health-Regional Office VI in collaboration with Bacolod City Health Office and Rotary Club of Metro Bacolod organized the motorcade before the program along the city’s major thoroughfares. The motorcade was participated in by around 100 health workers, partners and parents from the city’s 61 barangays.


The event aimed to raise public awareness on the key step to switch to a new oral polio vaccine. “Switch” refers to the replacement of all trivalent OPV (tOPV) with bivalent OPV (bOPV) in all immunization activities in the country.

“From the Switch Day onwards, all health facilities will no longer use tOPV,” the DOH stressed.

The DOH clarified that bOPV and tOPV are the same vaccine preparations except that the former has one component removed – the type 2 poliovirus - following the declaration that the world is free from wild poliovirus type 2 in 2015.

The DOH also emphasized that bOPV is safe and effective in protecting children against polio, a disease that can cause paralysis or even death among children. Polio-containing vaccines have been used to vaccinate nearly 2.5 billion children worldwide against polio and have reduced the transmission of the virus by 99%.

The bOPV is administered orally and is given to infants aged 1 ½, 2 ½, and 3 ½ months.

During the Switch Day program, 10 children representing different sectors of the community availed of the bOPV ceremonial vaccination.

The event was attended by DOH-RO VI officials led by Dr. Ma. Paz Corrales, Assistant Regional Director; Dr. Ma. Sophia Pulmones, chief of the Local Health Support Division; Dr. Renilyn Reyes, head of the Family Health and Nutrition Cluster; and Dr. Mary Jane Roches Juanico, Medical Coordinator on the Expanded Program on Immunization. Also in the event were WHO Consultant Dr. Santosh Guru, Rotary Club District Governor Jude Doctora, and Bacolod City Health Officer Dr. Ma. Carmela Gensoli.