As contained in Executive Order No. 102: Redirecting the Functions and Operations of the Department of Health (May 24, 1991), the DOH is mandated to provide assistance to LGUs, Peoples’ Organizations (POs) and other members of the civil society in effectively implementing programs, projects and services that will:

  • Promote the health and well-being of every Filipino;
  • Prevent and control diseases among populations at risks;
  • Protect individuals, families and communities exposed to hazards and risks that could affect their health; and
  • Treat, manage and rehabilitate individuals affected by diseases and disability

 Roles and Functions

1.  Leadership in Health

  • Serve as the national policy and regulatory institution from which the LGUs, NGOs and other members of the health sector will anchor their thrusts and directions for health.
  • Provide leadership in the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of national health policies, plans and programs.
  • Serve as advocate in the adoption of health policies, plans and programs to address national and sectoral concerns.

2.  Enabler/Capacity Builder

  • Innovation of new strategies in health to improve the effectiveness of health programs by initiating public discussion on health issues and undertaking.
  • Exercise oversight functions and monitoring and evaluation of national health plans and programs, and policies.
  • Ensure the highest achievable standards of quality health care, health promotion and health protection.

3. Administrator of Specific Services

  • Act as administrator of selected national and sub-national health facilities and hospitals;
  • Administer direct services for emergent health concerns;
  • Administer health emergency response services.

In cases of epidemics, pestilence, and other widespread public health dangers, the Secretary of Health may, upon the direction of the President and in consultation with the LGU concerned, temporarily assume direct supervision and control over health operations in any LGU for the duration of the emergency, but in no case exceeding a cumulative period of six (6) months.  With the concurrence of the LGU concerned, the period for such direct national control and supervision may be further extended.